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Expert in all aspects of the Energy Transition
  1. Large carbon emitters and emissions – ranging from low CO2 concentration gas turbines on power plants through various industrial emission sources (chemical plants / refineries etc) to highly contaminated exhausts from coal fired power plants
  2. Small scale carbon emissions across the organisation - from industrial plant, vehicle fleets, warehouse and office premisis to travel and other activities.
  3. Carbon capture technologies – both the dominant amine technology and emerging technologies such as membranes and cryogenics. Also familiar with both pre-combustion and oxy-fuel technologies.
  4. Carbon avoidance and elimination - technologies and approaches to reduce your emissions
  5. The emerging range of carbon utilisation technologies including various photochemical and catalytic techniques
  6. Pre-combustion and oxyfuel technologies that seek to avoid post-combustion capture
  7. Greenhouse gas removal including bio-energy, BECCS and DACS (and the associated voluntary credits market)
  8. Re-engineering of industrial processes to reduce carbon emissions
  9. CO2 transportation by pipeline and by ship
  10. CO2 storage (both reservoir and wells)
  11. Hydrogen manufacture (“blue” and “green” – so also familiar with onshore and offshore wind)
  12. Hydrogen storage (both for long distance transport and for local storage before use)
  13. Hydrogen market development (industrial and domestic demand, in-day and seasonal storage)

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